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Sports performance

Sports Performance 

Vitality’s Peak Performance Training Programs are designed to maximize the abilities of executives, race crews, and drivers. Optimizing performance of every part of the team is essential to achieve competitive success.


Moderating Stress levels reducing underlying performance anxiety (even if its mild), maximizing focus and concentration and improving reaction time can significantly improve team and driver performance. Physical fitness is another essential component of winning teams. Optimizing each of these areas leads to significant performance improvement and will translate into a competitive advantage and more wins.

Using advanced technology, we have the capability to assess, monitor, and improve the physical and metal performance of athletes and high performing individuals. Vitality’s programs are directed by Jeffery Galvin, M.D. He has extensive experience in performance and athletic optimization. Dr. Galvin is board certified in Emergency Medicine and Bariatric Medicine and has extensive training in hormonal therapy, sports medicine, nutrition, and brain optimization.


V02 Max Testing – Used to determine athletic performance and aerobic endurance

Neurocognitive Test (CNS) – Designed to measure Central Nervous System health

Standardized Baseline Strength Evaluation – Standardized, timed test of speed, strength and agility

Functional Movement Screen – Assessment of flexibility and likelihood of further injury

Body Composition Analysis – Advanced Tanita Analyzer to measure Body Composition specifically: Weight, Body Fat%, Fat Mass, Lean Tissue,  and Water.

Executive Cognitive Assessment – Comprehensive intake interview, initial qEEG brain mapping, neurophysiologic stress test, and reaction time testing.

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