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Our European facial is designed for relaxation and pampering. Treatment begins with a double cleanse to remove makeup and impurities. This is followed with an exfoliation in order to remove dead skin cells and allow for better product penetration. Next, the skin is steamed in order to prepare for extractions followed by an relaxing facial massage. Afterwards, a  face mask is applied while you enjoy a relaxing neck and shoulder massage. The European Facial will leave you feeling refreshed and ready to greet the world with a healthy glow!  Add-on a Dermaplane for better results

Duration: 55 minutes      With a Dermaplane 90 minutes


Starting at $85       

The custom facial starts with a full skin analysis so we can customize your facial to your skins specific needs. Hydrating, anti-aging, acne, and detoxifying. We can also treat sensitive skin and rosacea.



The Gentleman's facial meets the needs and challenges of a mans skin.  This facial is geared for the specific needs that men have. A customized treatment includes deep pore cleaning, hot towels, exfoliation, a customized mask, and a moisturizer.   This facial helps repair the damage by daily shaving, skin sensitivity, dullness, aging, and environmental impact of city and outdoors.  ideal for men who like to look and feel their best. The experience includes a relaxing head neck and shoulder massage as well as skincare advice.



A popular procedure with no downtime, dermaplaning involves the use of a medical tool, which simply exfoliates the epidermis of the skin as well as vellus hair (peach fuzz) using light feathering strokes. The benefits are dewy skin, faster cell turnover and a smooth surface for flawless make-up application. This will give your skin a luminous glow that last for a week or so!

*Can be added on to any other service* $55



This treatment is Dermaplanning plus a low level acid depending on your skin needs which changes the skin on a cellular level without the downtime or peeling.  Different strengths of Salicylic, Glycolic and Lactic are used in combination with the Dermaplane and is considered a "lunchtime peel" even though you dont technically peel.


Suffering from the signs of hyper-pigmentation? Are you seeing the effects of the sun on the appearance of your skin?  Our skin brightening treatment targets uneven skin pigments and dark patches using ZO medical products. These products help treat and prevent cellular discoloration for unsurpassed brightening and tonal balance. Accelerate brightening, improve skin tone, enhance skin clarity and create a fresher, healthier appearance with this effective treatment. Powerful exfoliates smooth skin and remove dulling surface cells, helping to minimize the appearance of sun and age spots. Uses the ZO Ossesntial Skin Brightening product line.

Duration: 60 minutes




This treatment is designed to target dry and dehydrated skin using hydrating and restorative ingredients. Using aloe and hydraulic acid, this facial treatment is used to calm the most dry and flakey skin types. This facial focuses on giving you that healthy and bouncy skin-feel. It will visibly plump your skin and smooth out fine lines. You will feel the moisture serum penetrate deep into your skin, nourishing those parched spots. This 8 step treatment includes the ZO Hydration medical product line with Ommerse Renewel Cream to hydrate and calm the skin.

Duration: 60 minutes




Bring a breath of fresh air back into dull or saggy skin with exfoliating and illuminating ingredients. This 5-step, anti-aging, oxygen enhanced, stem cell treatment is designed to lift and tighten skin. While the mask sets, enjoy a massage on the shoulders and neck. This treatment is a high-grade medical peel using oxygen, plant-derived stem-cell technology, peptides and enzyme botanicals that rolls away dead skin cells to provide ultimate protection against aging and damaged cells.This treatment uses our ZO medical grade products in order to achieve the best results.

Duration: 60 minutes



Combine the benefits of multiple facials with this all-inclusive controlled-depth peel. This treatment is most beneficial after four sessions to truly uncover damaged skin below the epidermis. Used to medically treat various skin conditions, including; acne, wrinkles, fine-line, rough textures, pigmentation disorders and sun damage.


Duration: 60 minutes each session

*packages available upon request*



$65 /Session

$20 Add on to any treatment

Kills bacteria associated with acne and increases product absorption. Increases collagen and elastin growth in skin cells which leads to tighter more firm skin.












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