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Neurocognitive Services

The brain is an intricate system that delivers the electrical signals throughout your body to control all of the vital functions of the entire body. The brain also interprets the signals from your eyes, the vibrations from your ear drums, and the signals from your taste buds into sight, sound and taste.

The brain also controls your sleep, stores long and short-term memory, and processes decision making information in nanoseconds. Needless to say, keeping this vital information system healthy is critical to a long and healthy life. However, many people suffer from cognitive disorders which can be debilitating, lead to depression, anxiety or impaired memory. 

Neurophysiologic Stress Testing

Find out how your body and brain naturally respond to stress. Determine your ability to combat stress and return to a relaxed state. Learn to recover quickly to reach your peak performance.

Biofeedback Training

Train to control your body tension in response to anxiety, stress and chronic pain. We offer Electromyogram, thermal, heart rate variability and Electrodermal biofeedback services that are customized to each patient.

Brain Mapping Testing

Gives you information about how your brain performs. Learn what areas need improvement and work towards optimization via testing.

Improve focus, attention, reaction time, decision making, consistency and sleep quality. Training can be used to address a variety of issues including, OCD, Chronic Pain, Anxiety, PTSD and Memory Loss.

Neurocognitive Testing

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