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Cer·tain·ty  n.

1. the quality or state of being certain especially on the basis of evidence. 
Our assessments are designed to be the first step on the road to a healthier lifestyle. 

Health Assessment

  • Review of advanced lab results with physician 

  • Body composition analysis

  • Brain function testing

  • Fitness and Nutritional Assessment

  • Individualized metabolic testing

  • Life quality metric testing

  • Physical Examination

  • Complete Individualized Assessment with physician

  • Supplement recommendations

  • Full review and consultation with physician with personalized recommendations

Heart and Health Assessment

  • All Health Assessment services

  • Detailed Cardiac and Pulmonary Disease Risk testing

  • Advanced radiologic heart disease assessment

  • Evaluation of arterial blockages and vessel thickness

  • Electrical evaluation of heart 

  • Full review and consultation with physician with personalized recommendations

Health, Heart, Brain and Genetics Assessment

  • Health assessment testing

  • Heart assessment testing

  • Gold standard aerobic testing

  • Individual stress response testing and analysis

  • Comprehensive cognitive evaluation 

  • Full Personalized Genetic Evaluation

  • Brain performance mapping and evaluation 

  • Full review and consultation with a physician with personalized recommendations

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