Over 350,000 Americans die from Sudden Cardiac Arrest each year.

Find out if you are at risk.

$799 package includes all of the above testing and a 30-minute analysis of results with Dr. Galvin.

A Note from Jeffrey Galvin, MD

Everyone should be able to answer three simple questions about their heart health:

1. Do I have heart disease (plaque or blockages)?

2. What is my personal risk of a heart attack and Sudden Cardiac Death in the future?

3. If I do have heart disease, what can I do to prevent a heart attack or stroke?

Out of 350,000 heart disease-related deaths, 40 percent were unaware they had heart disease. Their first symptom was a cardiac arrest.The majority of these cases occur in young patients between the ages of 30 and 50. We can easily identify those at risk and prevent Sudden Cardiac Deaths from occurring with a few simple tests. 

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