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Chronic Disease Treatment

This program starts with a comprehensive evaluation of your current state of health and medical status by board certified physician.

The initial assessment alone is far beyond what would typically be done by a primary care physician. We take the information gleaned from your evaluation and design a personalized fitness, nutrition, and medical regimen to minimize your risks of future disease and to also combat the aging process. Your medical treatment may include weight (fat) reduction, bio identical hormone replacement therapy, fitness performance optimization, and risk factor mediation.

We also specialize in disease management, having successfully assisted many of our wellness patients to overcome lifestyle diseases such as Hypertension, High Cholesterol, and Type 2 Diabetes.

Your health and performance will be continuously measured. A detailed follow-up will be conducted every 3 months and more frequently if medically necessary.

Health Optimization is NOT designed to replace your current physician’s role in the management of all other aspects of your health care.

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