Hybrid hCG

Vitality’s Hybrid HCG Program is an extremely intensive physician managed 12 week weight loss regimen for patients desiring to lose more than 30 lbs.

Patients can expect to lose between ½ to 1 pound per day during Phase 1 and 1-3 pounds per week in Phase 2. Patients with very severe obesity may be eligible for additional rounds of therapy.

This is a two phase program consisting of an HCG induction phase (1st phase) that lasts 3-5 weeks, followed by a mandatory 6 week maintenance program.

This program achieves striking weight loss in a safe and effective manner. It requires very close supervision by our experienced MD’s and includes an intensive initial lab and medical evaluation, DEXA body composition analysis, metabolic rate measurements, and extensive weekly counseling.

Patients will then transition into a maintenance program for Phase 2. Both phases are required in order to maintain weight loss and reset your body weight set point.

Lab work is a requirement of your initial health assessment.

Many of our patients suffer hormonal deficiencies which have contributed to their weight gain. Thyroid levels are included in our baseline initial lab work. Vitamin D, Testosterone, Estrogen, and Progesterone levels may be added as an option. Our physicians are experts in Bio-identical Hormone Replacement and can do a hormonal evaluation at the time of initial consultation if the appropriate lab work is drawn.

Elite Weight Loss

Dr. Galvin believes in teaching his patients to change their lifestyles in order to achieve permanent, sustainable improvements in body composition and health. This program is tailored to assist clients achieve amazing, sustainable weight loss while avoiding the dangers of lean muscle loss associated with most other programs.

We stress the importance of nutrition in achieving the body transformation you desire. Fitness is added to the degree each client is able to exercise. We achieve striking results with our patients. Not only do they lose significant amounts of weight, but they become fitter and healthier in the process. If anyone promises you quick and easy weight loss they are lying to you. Achieving a healthy body composition is hard work and requires commitment and determination to succeed. Our program is customized for each patient.