Beating Back the Carb Flu

Our bodies are naturally inclined to retain water and salt. When we lower our carbohydrate intake – like when attempting to enter ketosis – the exact opposite occurs. This phenomenon is the reason that your first week in ketosis will deliver the biggest weight loss results. Half of the weight lost is typically fat and […]

VMWI Has One of the Few DEXA Scanners in Charlotte

At Vitality Medical Wellness Institute, we have one of the only DEXA scanners in the Charlotte, North Carolina area, available on an a la carte basis at a relatively low cost. Many of the patients who walk through our doors have one goal in their mind—“to lose weight.” Of course, achieving healthy weight can make […]

What to Expect: Gestational Diabetes

                Pregnancy brings about so many mixed emotions and everyone has different experiences. Babies are irresistible and lovely! Sometimes, growing a sweet bundle of joy can bring about complications. Even though our bodies were made to reproduce, certain influential factors can create imbalances. One common complication is Gestational […]

Liposonix Offers a Non-Invasive Alternative to Liposuction

At Vitality Medical Wellness Institute, our medical aesthetics division focuses on effective procedures that make the men and women of Concord, NC happier and healthier. Rather than a quick fix, we believe that medical aesthetics should be part of an overall approach to wellness that includes exercise and nutrition. At the same time, we understand […]

The Science of Stress, Sickness, and Obesity

Have you ever wondered why women from the 1940 to 1950’s era sported the tiniest of waists? Think about it for a moment. The fitness movement really did not gain momentum until Jack LaLanne sequestered the benefits of fitness and broadcast his school of thought on television in the late 1950’s. Prior to that, measurement […]

Estrogen Dominance: Is this the root cause of your health problems?

It’s hard not to observe that there is some very strong influence affecting our bodies. Look around and you will see young adolescent males developing pronounced breast tissue. Ask many physicians today and they could tell you about the stark number of young female patients that are starting their periods around age ten. Some women […]