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Jennifer’s story is an important one, which is why she’s at the top of this page. She’s overcome so much to find herself again after having her identity stripped from her by an abusive husband. In 2009, she was a competitive bodybuilder, and in 2010, she didn’t know who she was anymore; her work ethic, confidence, and self esteem went into the toilet in the span of just a year. She was treated for depression and PTSD by her primary care physician, but as time passed, she didn’t feel any better. She knew that her life and her kids’ lives could be better — she had to do something.

She came to see Dr. Galvin and her life has changed so much since making that decision that she’s been kind enough to write her story for us to use on this very page.


You may recognize Brentson Buckner as one of the most dominant defensive linemen in Carolina Panthers history. He was the anchor of the defensive line that took the Panthers to the Superbowl against the New England Patriots in 2004.

After retiring from the NFL, Brentson came to Vitality Medical Wellness Institute in September of 2011 in the worst shape of his life. His overall health was suffering for it and he worried about the future of his wife and children. After speaking with Dr. Galvin and formulating a plan of action, Brentson started on a new path that would correct many of the health problems he came in with and also get him back into playing shape at the age of 41.


Robert is one of Concord’s finest! As a police office, he was out of shape and overweight when he came to speak with Dr. Galvin. Through his fitness and nutrition regimen prescribed by Dr. Galvin, Robert was able to take back his health and wellness. He’s doing better than ever and chasing down bad guys with ease!


Steve works on the railroad for a living and when he came to Dr. Galvin, he definitely wasn’t in the best shape and he had real energy concerns. In just 6 months, he completely turned his body and his health around. Steve is a real testament to what a little bit of direction and a lot of willpower can reward you with.