Vitality Medical Wellness Institute is a fully licensed and equipped medical practice located in Concord, North Carolina. Our goal is to not only save lives but maximize them by optimizing the health of all of our patients. Our services include fitness and body composition testing, athletic optimization, medically supervised weight loss, bioidentical hormone therapy, bioidentical testosterone hormone replacement, chronic disease management and reversal (with a special focus on Type 2 Diabetes, Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome and Lipid Disorders) and nutritional medical therapies.

We safely and effectively treat many women who are suffering through the symptoms of menopause as well as men dealing with andropause and sexual dysfunction. We also offer a highly successful permanent weight loss program as well as a performance focused Executive Concierge Medicine practice. Dr. Galvin is the only board certified Obesity Medicine Specialist in the NorthEast Charlotte region.

I was born a military brat and spent my early years overseas. My family ultimately settled in Syracuse, New York. Growing up I always had an interest in science. There is true nobility in the healing arts and I always felt a calling towards medicine. I went to The State University of New York (SUNY) at Binghamton and ultimately attended medical school at the SUNY Health Science Center at Syracuse.


I believe in treating a patient as an individual who is complete as the mind, body and spirit. We consider the whole patient and their well-being in order to identify and rectify present and future risk factors of disease processes. Our goal is to get patients well– off medicines where possible — and to provide functional nutrition information and efficient exercise methods to maintain total wellness.


Office Coordinator

What can I expect from Vitality?

Jeffrey Galvin, MD and William J. Burchfield, MD are two of the areas most experienced and respected physicians.  They are known for their innovative techniques and high success rates in dealing with some of medicine’s toughest challenges, namely obesity and chronic lifestyle and hormone related disease. Dr Galvin provides one of the country’s only Concierge Medicine programs that focuses on Executive Performance and Optimization. They are also some of the only board certified physicians in the Charlotte area recognized by the Paleo Physician’s Network. Through Vitality Medical Wellness Institute, Dr’s. Galvin and Burchfield seek to improve the health, wellness, and performance of anyone who has become frustrated with the status quo of modern medicine.

Dr. Galvin and Dr. Burchfield have accepted a mission to stem the tide of an onslaught of lifestyle related diseases through the practice of Functional Medicine. Obesity, Type II Diabetes, cholesterol problems, thyroid dysfunction and hypertension are rampant in modern America. These diseases and the epidemic of heart disease, stroke, depression and dementia that they lead to is quickly crippling our health care system and threatening our economy. The cost in suffering and pain is staggering. Yet modern medicine has ignored the problem. Physicians continue to counsel patients to avoid fat, eat a diet rich in grains and processed carbohydrates, avoid cholesterol and follow the food pyramid. The problem is that following this advice is what causes many of these problems. Then when their patients show up in the office with diabetes and hypertension (caused by the very advise they gave them in the first place), Doctors get out the prescription pad and start writing. Before long patients have a laundry list of medical problems AND an even longer list of medicines to deal with those problems. Even worse, there are so many patients with problems that the physician at best gets to spend only a few minutes per year with each individual. The system is broken! At Vitality Medical Wellness Institute we believe there is a better way. Dr’s Galvin and Burchfield believe that by spending quality time with patients they can get a sense of where the real problems lie. Then by careful attention to lifestyle factors such as nutrition, fitness and hormonal health they can set conditions such that the body itself will fix these chronic problems. God built us a wondrous machine in the human body. The most amazing thing is that it has the capability of repairing itself if given the opportunity! At Vitality we strive to get our patients to heal their lifestyle, this in turn leads to lasting and permanent improvements in health.

Do you know what the “side effects” of a healthy lifestyle are? Here is only a partial list: significant weight loss, reversal of Type 2 Diabetes, reversal of hypertension,  reversal of autoimmune disorders, resolution of cholesterol problems, reduced risk of cardiovascular disease, stroke and cancer, improved sexual function, improved interpersonal relationships, improved work performance and the list goes on and on. Our doctors and staff passionately believe that THIS is the way medicine should be practiced. This approach isn’t for everyone. It requires hard work and the investment of time and resources. There is no easy button. Deep down we all know that is true. Our patients achieve incredible success but they WORK HARD for that success! Our highly trained physicians and staff are there every step of the way providing continuous support and encouragement.

If you are sick of status quo of modern medicine Vitality Medical Wellness Institute may be for you. Call today for a consultation with one of our physicians.

Our patients come from Charlotte, Lake Norman, Concord, Kannapolis, Mooresville, Salisbury, Huntersville, Mount Pleasant and throughout the region. We even have patients who travel from a variety of other states for our services.. Dr. Galvin can assist patients remotely depending on the requirements of their care.